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Sponsored Links. Postal Service. These laws work to curtail the sale of cigarettes and other tobacco products over the internet, and require internet sellers to affix tax stamps and pay all federal, state, local or Tribal tobacco taxes.

Enacted in , the act prohibits the sale of cigarettes below cost and makes it illegal for retailers to intentionally avoid the collection or payment of taxes. The CMSA includes fines and penalties for violations. In addition to these state laws, many organizations, businesses and municipalities have adopted binding or nonbinding policies and resolutions that prohibit smoking.

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These policies include prohibiting smoking in multiunit housing complexes, banning smoking and tobacco use in outdoor spaces, prohibiting the acceptance of tobacco company funds or services, opposing retail point of sale tobacco marketing and advertising, and working to reduce the impact of adolescent exposure to smoking in movies and on the internet. For more information on tobacco control policy solutions, visit the Public Health and Tobacco Policy Center.

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Thinking About Quitting Tobacco? Tobacco Control Policies in NYS New York is a leader in tobacco control policy development and implementation, with many strong and effective tobacco control policies in place at the state and local levels.

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Smoking and Vaping Prohibited at Playgrounds This amendment to the New York State Public Health Law prohibits smoking at New York playgrounds as defined by the law between sunrise and sunset when anyone under the age of twelve is present. Cigarette Fire Safety Act Enacted in and implemented in , the act requires manufacturers to certify that all cigarettes they offer for sale in New York meet a specific ignition propensity standard. Placement of Tobacco Products in Retail Stores New York law requires all tobacco products to be located within stores out of reach of consumers.

Registration and Licensing of Tobacco Retailers and Wholesalers Every retail dealer of cigarettes or tobacco products in New York State and every owner or operator of vending machines that sell cigarettes or tobacco products must register with the Department of Taxation and Finance. Cigarette Marketing Standards Act CMSA Enacted in , the act prohibits the sale of cigarettes below cost and makes it illegal for retailers to intentionally avoid the collection or payment of taxes.

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