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I have my own plan, but it is too expensive. My open enrollment was in July.

Now my spouse's employer is offering a better plan, but my employer says I can't change until next July. Is that correct? It depends. When coverage periods are different, it is up to the company to decide whether it allows its employees to drop the plan so that they can sign up for the other one. Under the Affordable Care Act, insurance providers should cover the cost of a breast pump and some level of lactation services. Contact your provider to find what choices they offer. Health insurance may be a complex topic; but now that you have the basics, you should be able to determine the best plan for your situation.

Of course, if you have any specific questions, please comment below. Or contact the local assister in your community for marketplace questions or your HR department for employer-sponsored health insurance questions. Are you making changes to your health insurance plan this year?

What benefits are you seeking, and how different is the cost? When the oral surgeon recommended that our daughter have her wisdom teeth removed, we thought we knew what to expect both medically and financially. We expected the least painful part of the procedure to be the surgery bill because the girls are covered under both their parent's dental insurance.

It was late in the day when we discovered that our insurers were planning to deny benefits, and we wracked our brains that evening trying to imagine why, with double insurance, Morgan lacked coverage. Had we forgotten about treatments she received? Were we mistaken about dates when she received services? Could the insurance company records be incorrect? Or, might this be something more sinister, such as medical identity theft? If the thief's health information is mixed with yours, your treatment, insurance and payment records, and credit report may be affected.

Medical identity theft's most damaging outcome occurs when a victim receives an incorrect therapy or medication due to the co-mingling of the victim's health history with that of the thief's. The financial consequences can be painful as well, including:. In our case, multiple phone calls to our daughter's dentist and both insurance companies finally shed light on why benefits appeared to be exhausted: Morgan's twin sister, Margaux, had received several dental treatments during the past year.

When the oral surgeon's office called to verify coverage, two girls with the same date of birth and same first initial and last name were confused by the insurance representative who erroneously reported that Morgan's benefits were tapped out when she actually had more than enough available to cover the surgery. Having experienced the worry associated with a potential medical identity theft, and the relief when we discovered our daughter's health records were safe for now, we became vigilant about doing what we could to prevent and detect this type of crime.

It's bad enough when some scammer gets your credit card, but what happens when they steal your access to health care? Even worse, what if that person is a member of your family or a member of the health care field we are supposed to trust? It's not an isolated concern. Medical identity theft represented And the crime appears to be growing — another consumer advocacy group, the Ponemon Institute, said medical identity theft incidents increased No one would say those statements from your health insurer are engaging reading, but EOBs are often the first indicator that your medical identity has been stolen.

Be sure the provider listed is a name you recognize and confirm that the date of service is a day when you visited your provider's office. Note that the service description matches the service you actually received. Scammers sometimes phone potential victims under the guise of conducting a health survey, or they might masquerade as representatives from Medicare or Social Security.

These callers may ask for your health insurance information or might request a credit card to settle a bill. Hang up. Do not accept a free health care product or service from someone who requests your insurance ID number without thoroughly checking the legitimacy of the provider. Sometimes people share their health insurance information with uncovered family members in order to obtain services without paying appropriate insurance premiums. An example might be a parent who purchases vision coverage from his employer's benefits menu but does not buy vision insurance for his children.

When his child needs glasses, he's in the position of having to falsify patient information to obtain a discount. In some respects, medical identity theft can be a crime of opportunity, so do what you can to prevent your medical identity information from being accessible even to family and friends. Store hard-copy insurance statements in a locked file and shred documents that are no longer needed. Use a password to protect files containing sensitive electronic information. Your right to a free credit report once a year is now common knowledge, but did you know your health insurer has to do the same thing?

Once a year, ask your insurer or insurers to provide a summary of all benefits paid on your behalf during the past 12 months. If you suspect your medical identity has been stolen, request copies of your medical records from your doctors, hospital, pharmacy, and laboratory. You could even face a bizarre situation where your health care provider refuses to supply your medical or billing records out of concern for violating an identity thief's privacy.

The FTC provides assurance that you have the right to appeal that decision. Start with the individual listed in your provider's Notice of Privacy Practices, an ombudsman or patient advocate. If your records aren't delivered within 30 days of your written request, the FTC recommends that you file a complaint with the U. It could be something you didn't immediately recognize or it could be identity theft.

You have the right to know. Notify your insurer if you detect that your medical identity has been stolen and alert your health care providers. Use the accounting of disclosures report to contact every party who received your personal health information and inform them that your data was breached. Place a fraud alert with Equifax, Experian and TransUnion; file a police report and file a medical identity theft complaint with the FTC. Ask your health care providers to correct your medical records, but be advised that this can be difficult to accomplish.

If your request for correction is denied, demand that your record includes a statement to the effect that you do not agree with the documentation that is in your record. Stopping medical ID theft isn't only on you, the consumer. In the future, enhanced technologies may protect us. Have you had any experience with medical identity theft? How did you handle it? Tell us in the comments below.

Signing up for COBRA insurance had to be initiated by my employer, and it was a paper process to boot. This meant there was a lag between when I signed up and when I received proof of insurance. Unfortunately, after wading through the sign-up process, the rest of my experience with COBRA didn't get any easier. A paper bill was mailed to me each month and I was supposed to send in my check. I couldn't find cancellation instructions anywhere on the documentation I received, and it wasn't possible to initiate the cancellation process online either.

However, my state's Department of Administration DOA bills by the month, so they took the first check I sent them and applied it to the second half of April; then they applied the rest to the first half of May. The first bill I received was for the remainder of May. I know that somehow the DOA knew that I had insurance through my new job because they sent me a letter to that effect.

However, the letter indicated that the State wouldn't cancel my insurance; I was responsible for that. I called the number on my DOA invoice and, after a long hold, spoke to someone who gave me instructions for canceling. Here's a copy of what I sent in case it is useful to other people. Since I had health coverage through my new employer as of May 1, , I would like to request the following:. I called DOA member services and spoke to someone who said that a letter with proof of my new insurance would be sufficient to cancel COBRA coverage and receive a refund for the amount that was applied to my account after my effective cancellation date.

The check for my refunded balance can be mailed to:. If you need to reach me regarding this request, I can be reached at the address above, by phone at xxx-xxx-xxxx or by email at xxx. Since the COBRA plan I opted for was the exact same plan I had been on at my employer, I thought that my physical therapist had processed my claims without any issue during this time. Fortunately, there was an email address for their insurance processor on the invoice.

So I exchanged a few emails with her and provided my COBRA information, and she was able to resubmit the claim and process it without a hitch. Since I had already made the co-pays when I went in for my sessions, I didn't have to pay anything additional. When I got the invoice in the mail, I knew that I had insurance that was valid during the time of my visits. However, I thought that the process of resubmitting the claim was going to be a lot more difficult than it turned out to be like this reader's experience with medical billing.

Your mileage may vary, obviously. Time ticked by, and I received a bill for June. For all the lags during the sign-up process, they were pretty prompt about sending my monthly invoice! However, because of the timing, I knew the two items had crossed paths in the mail.

Just as I was getting nervous and on the verge of calling the Department of Administration again, I got confirmation in the mail that my COBRA had been cancelled with an effective date of May 1, as I requested. The confirmation included verification that I had a negative balance for the amount that had been applied to my account for May 1 through May Unfortunately, there was no check included with the updated invoice.

I assume the check is in the mail? I received the updated invoice recently enough that I feel comfortable I'm in a holding pattern for now. Though if I don't get a check soon, I will call back and follow up. Once I receive it, I'll plunk my refund back into my savings. If you are leaving your job to pursue self-employment, you may be able to get health coverage that is as good as or better than COBRA for less money. The packet you receive in the mail with the sign-up materials articulates this pretty forcefully!

You are definitely encouraged to pursue other options. If you have other options when searching for insurance, such as your spouse's or parents' plan, that may also be a better choice than COBRA. And as one HR rep who posted in the comments of my previous article pointed out, if you are fired for gross misconduct, you may not be eligible for COBRA. So you'd have to find another option in that event. How did the claims get handled before proof of coverage was received?

Was it a paperwork nightmare? Share your stories in the comments below! Next week marks my two-month anniversary at my new job. In addition to celebrating my new, higher salary, I am also feeling simultaneously challenged and less stressed. I feel challenged because my new job is in an entirely different industry than my former position.

But I'm definitely less stressed because the performance expectations are reasonable and my colleagues are fun and friendly. I may even be celebrating a new coworker soon, since the friend who got me into SEO in the first place and who was also one of my professional references for my current position has applied for a job in my department.

How Scammers Find You

Since one of the features of an improved economy is an increased willingness to switch jobs — or even to leave a current job without having another lined up — I thought I would share my experience with COBRA. If you are planning to leave your job, then saving up in advance can be helpful. But even if you aren't planning to leave your job, it's also a good idea to have an emergency fund in an online high-yield savings account in the event your position goes poof!

After all, there is no guarantee that any job will continue on forever. Disclosure: I am not an attorney or HR specialist. As I mentioned in my post on intermittent FMLA, COBRA allows employees to stay on a former employer's health plan for a limited time after job separation, provided they pay the full premium employer share and employee share. Being fired, laid off, or simply quitting your job all fall under the category of job separation.

In other words, if you leave your job for any reason and anticipate a gap in your health insurance, COBRA will help you fill that gap and maintain coverage. However, it is also important to read the fine print; namely, that if you want COBRA, then you have to pay the full premium. Since most companies provide health insurance to employees at a significant subsidy, the full premium is generally more expensive by several orders of magnitude.

If you are leaving your job to pursue self-employment, for example, then you may be eligible to purchase a plan on the health insurance exchange that is a better fit for your needs. Additionally, you can add or remove plan beneficiaries when opting for COBRA coverage because job loss is usually considered a qualified life event. However, when I signed up for COBRA, he used my job separation as a qualifying event through his employer to sign up under their plan.

His employer covers the entire cost of health insurance if it's just for him, compared again to several hundred dollars a month to add me. You can also add or subtract eligible family members such as children to your COBRA plan when you sign up. Evaluate your situation carefully and do what works for you. In the real world, however, the answer to this is a bit more complicated. I assumed, because I gave a month's notice when leaving my former position, that the process would be fairly seamless. However, according to the U. Department of Labor:. The employer must notify the plan if the qualifying event is the covered employee's termination or reduction of hours of employment, death, entitlement to Medicare, or bankruptcy of a private-sector employer.

The employer must notify the plan within 30 days of the event. See that last sentence? This meant that, for me, there was a lag within a lag. My employer notified the plan a week after my last day, and I received the paperwork to sign up for COBRA coverage in the mail a week after my plan was notified. So there was a two-week gap between when I left my former job and when I got the signup materials, called an election notice. While my employment was actually continuous I left my former job on a Friday and started my new job on the following Monday , I left my former job mid-month and wasn't eligible for my new employer's plan until the first of the following month.

You have 60 days from when you receive the election notice to sign up for coverage, so it was actually possible for me to have foregone COBRA coverage completely. I opted for COBRA because I am recovering from a herniated disc, so I had four or five physical therapy sessions and a specialist appointment during the lag time that couldn't be rescheduled. Not to mention that an accident or illness during the lag could have been very expensive.

I've thought about this, and the ethics are pretty murky. If your lag was short like mine, I don't see any reason aside from morals you couldn't wait until the end of the election period to see if anything bad happened and, if you were okay, just never sign up at all. Note that if something happened and you did sign up, you would have to pay for the entire period starting with the date that you lost your original coverage, so you should still prepare to get sick. My physical therapist appears to only submit insurance claims at the end of the month, since they only ever asked me for my co-pay at my appointments.

However, my specialist called me before my appointment to inform me that my insurance had lapsed. I waited until after I was on my new employer's plan to fill prescriptions. If I had needed them during the lag, I could have paid full price and, again, submitted for reimbursement. Ask or share your experience in the comments below! Jake and Kelly not their real names were very dear friends of ours.

Well, Kelly is still, but her husband just recently passed away. Because he was healthy and active, it came as a complete shock to us all — especially to Kelly. A familiar division of labor had developed in their 40 years of marriage. Jake was the one who took care of everything. He naturally just assumed the role of handyman, car mechanic, and accountant. If it broke, he fixed it; if it needed gas, he filled it; and if it needed to be paid, he made sure the finances would accommodate it.

They both worked since becoming empty nesters, but a few years ago Jake became one of those statistics we talk about a lot in the comments — he became unemployed and, when the benefits ran out, he ended up dropping off the official unemployment statistics. Maybe Janet Yellen considers it happy news when this occurs as in finally we're seeing the employment situation improve , but the reality was that he eventually gave up looking. There is only so much rejection any human can endure, after all. Fortunately for them, Kelly is a Registered Nurse RN and made good money, so they didn't suffer any undue hardship.

But what that meant for them, however, was that Jake assumed even more of the household duties, such as, shopping, cooking, and so forth. It was a great arrangement, and nobody complained. Jake's passing, though, changed all that. During the first week or so she didn't have time to notice. Family and friends flew in from all around for the memorial service, and her main focus was to keep everyone fed and housed.

But as soon as everyone left, reality set in when their car stopped running. They only needed one car, so that's what they had. My wife was there to help drive her from one place to the next as she went about notifying various entities. It gave us an interesting insight into the rigamarole those left behind experience when we move on to a more peaceful place to spend eternity, but it brought home to Kelly the sobering realization that she is alone now and she has to get reacquainted with today's necessary life skills. She used to have a cell phone, which she never answered because Jake took care of everything.

So if we wanted to invite them for dinner, Jake was the only one who would take the call and respond. Well, she no longer has that luxury, so she decided to get a new cell phone. She caved to peer pressure and got an iPhone like her friends, and she's still trying to learn how to use it. But that's just the background.

A New Breed of Con Artists

On one hand, it was amusing to see ignorance of such a level — but to her it was mostly terrifying. Life insurance is always a drag because it is just about making payments, and payments are never fun. Now, however, she had to file a claim. That's when she ran into the next problem: She didn't know the combination to the safe.

Jake was smart in that he kept a neat list of all the accounts and passwords. Except the password for the safe had obviously changed somewhere along the way. It was only after the locksmith took care of that problem when she discovered that Jake had a policy that took care of the second mortgage but not the first.

Fortunately, they had a joint email account for no reason other than that she didn't do email. Now, in addition to processing the grief, she has had to learn what email is, texting, Facebook, and all that kind of stuff. She waited to buy a new car until she received the settlement on the life insurance policy. She knows that it's more expensive; but to her, the extra money buys peace of mind regarding car maintenance.

A young couple in our church, married for two years with a baby less than a year old got hit with the husband dying from cancer. Because their relationship was still relatively young, the magnitude of those adjustments were less for the wife. Of course, becoming a single parent at such an early age more than makes up for that. When yet another friend passed away barely two weeks after Jake, I was reminded again how nothing is permanent. Relationships end, whether because of death or because of divorce or separation or for other reasons.

But that is not the point of this post. The point is that:. For those who are in a married or similar relationship, it is normal for one spouse to be the active one on some things and the passive one on others. The issue of whether each party should manage their finances separately or jointly has been debated elsewhere to a great extent, and the conclusion one can make from all those discussions is that it's different strokes for different folks.

However, there does seem to be a basic list of must-dos, especially in the case of the passive spouse:. Have a will. It doesn't matter how far-off your demise may seem, it is just plain wisdom to put a will together. It doesn't need to be fancy — you can compile a Word document from public templates in half an hour and print it which is what I did. It's a good idea to print two copies and give one to a close friend. Ironically, when Kelly's locksmith got their safe open, there was only one will in the safe — ours, the second copy of which I happened to give to Jake in case we had a house fire and I didn't make it.

Make a list. It listed the few passwords they used online, as well as numbers phone and account for everything like city services, phone service, and stuff like that. He even had a sheet with pruning instructions for the roses! Once a year, the day after his birthday, my dad had my mom go through the death file to remind herself what was there and why.

My dad had cancer, so she was motivated not to treat it lightly. When he did finally pass away, she was able to pick up the reins he'd held for more than 40 years and continue seamlessly. Not stresslessly, but at least seamlessly. Set up a few separate accounts. It can help get you through the traumatic first few weeks if you have a separate account like a savings account in your name with a thousand dollars or so in it. It covers immediate, unforeseen expenses in the event joint accounts get frozen for some reason. When my dad passed away, my mother told me countless times how much that one item helped her get through the red tape.

Lighten up. Because my dad had warning, he spent a lot of time getting rid of stuff he knew my mom would never use. Kelly was not so lucky. She sits with a garage full of tools she will have to dispose of in the coming weeks. Since most of us don't know when separation may strike, it is a good idea to have an annual garage sale just to minimize the clutter.

The main thing, really, is to accept that death is inevitable, at any age. None of us wants to dwell on the fact that every single relationship ends sooner or later; however, it will. Far better to set a date to plan for it. Buy a pint of ice cream for the occasion if that helps, but do it. My dad's idea of the day after his birthday is a good starting point, I think. If you have a sense of humor, it takes the sting out of it and helps ensure that it doesn't get pushed aside. The bottom line is that separation is a traumatic event.

The financial side of it can add to the trauma or be a comfort. The second option is better, but it requires a little work and attention now. Are you an active spouse or passive spouse? How would you change your level of involvement in your family finances? What would you add to the list? Department of Health and Human Services , around million Americans go without dental insurance during any given year. And since paying the full weight of dental care is often out of the question for those living on low incomes, many people simply choose to go without or get by with as few cleanings and check-ups as they possibly can.

However, if you do have out-of-pocket funds with which to pay, you already know how quickly cleanings, fillings, and basic dental care can take a bite out of your budget. The bad news is, many employers don't offer dental coverage to their employees, even at a cost, and the dental plans commonly sold on the open insurance market can be of questionable value.

The passage of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare, provided some relief in this respect. According to HealthCare. The bottom line: At the end of the day, a lot of us are completely on our own when it comes to paying for dental care for ourselves and our children. Here are some of the ways those of us without dental insurance have learned to save money on dental bills:.

Health savings accounts were created so that individuals with high-deductible health insurance plans could save for their own medical expenses in a tax-advantaged way. If your employer offers a Flexible Spending Account FSA , you can fund it with pretax dollars and use that money for dental care. However, it is crucial that you take special care not to overfund your account.

If your FSA funds lapse or expire each year and you cannot roll them over, you will likely end up losing money. Instead of taking that chance, only fund your FSA with money you know you can use — for example, enough money to pay for each family member to have two cleanings for an entire year. If you are willing to be someone's guinea pig, you can save a ton of money on dental care by becoming a volunteer patient at an accredited dental school.

Students at these schools work under the supervision of licensed dentists, so you are guaranteed to receive high-quality work at a discounted price. Your procedure may take longer this way, but the savings could definitely be worth it. Some dental offices offer discount plans for families that include annual cleanings and X-rays, along with discounts on fillings and other procedures that may be required down the line.

The only caveat with these plans is that they usually need to be paid up front, which can present a challenge for families who are struggling to pay dental bills to begin with. According to the California Health Care Association, retail dental clinics are helping to fill the gap by offering low-cost, convenient care in neighborhoods, strip malls, and drug stores.

Depending on where you live, you might be able to secure a discount with a local dentist that is trying to drum up business. Most often, those discounts come in the form of coupons you can find in mailers, newspapers, or direct mail. Coupons can be good for as much as 50 percent off a basic cleaning and X-rays, but they are usually only good for your first visit. Groupon isn't just for discounts on clothing and vacations; you can use Groupon to buy a discount dental coupon as well.

These coupons are usually only good for new customers, however, so dental Groupons shouldn't be part of any long-term dental savings plan. It is often said that dental care is not expensive, but neglect is. In other words, the easiest path toward lower dental costs is a good dose of preventive care.

Not only does that include brushing and flossing frequently, but it also means paying for regular checkups that can catch problems early on. It may seem like avoiding the dentist altogether is the easiest way to save, but that strategy will probably only lead to even more expensive dental bills over time. Almost no one enjoys going to the dentist or having dental work done, but it becomes even more painful when you are paying percent of your dental expenses out of your pocket.

Fortunately, a little planning, saving, and preventive care can go a long way to help you keep those pearly whites clean and healthy without breaking the bank. Do you have dental insurance? What is your strategy when it comes to saving on dental bills? Having a strong handle on what money is going in and what money is going out is an essential first step. But you don't have to be overwhelmed. By setting aside between five and 30 minutes each day, you can transform your finances dramatically in 30 days.

Here's one such plan:. Day 1: Compile all your expenses and income. It doesn't have to be perfect, just complete. Use a service like Mint, software like Excel or even just good old pen and paper — whatever you are comfortable with. Yearly budgets are more accurate because you will see irregular expenses like property taxes or gifts. Day 2 : Continue to compile your expenses and income.

You may need a second day to get all of your expenses and income in one place, so use this day to do that and then review everything to make sure it is all correct. Day 3 : Make a spending plan using the data compiled on Day 1. Is your spending in line with what you want it to be? Do you want to save more or are you happy with the way things are going? Pick one area of your budget just one area where you want to reduce spending. Day 4 : Plan to save money in that one area of your budget. If, for example, it is to cut back on eating out, look through Pinterest and make a meal plan for the next month.

Day 5 : Reduce your fixed expenses. In my experience, instead of trying to penny pinch, take a hard look at your fixed, recurring expenses and determine where you can save money without sacrificing your quality of life. Here are more ideas on where to easily and quickly reduce fixed expenses:. Day 6 : Manage your credit card debt. If you have credit card debt, call and ask to negotiate the APR down. See if there are any zero-percent APR offers check the transfer fee that you can take advantage of.

This can provide some much-needed breathing room if you are paying a high interest on the credit card balances you roll over month to month. Check your statement to see how much you are paying. It could easily be in the hundreds, depending on your balances. Make a plan to pay that down before the promotional period runs out, but most importantly don't use this time to build new debt. That would defeat the purpose. If you don't have credit card debt, you can take the day off or move ahead! Day 7 : OK! Don't pay for what you don't use.

Day 8 : Pull your credit report. You can get a free credit report from each of the three credit reporting agencies. I usually space them out once every four months, so I keep current on my report throughout the year. For example, you can get the Experian credit report on Day 8. Schedule a reminder to get the Transunion credit report in May and the Equifax report in September.

Do you see any discrepancies? Report them immediately. Mistakes on your credit cost you money by making borrowing more expensive. Day 9 : This is the day to shop for better car insurance. In addition to the discounts above, if you have not taken an online safe driver course, check how much you can save if you take it now. Day 10 : Automate your finances. Set up an auto transfer of all the money you saved during the last few days. To stretch it a little, try adding a little bit more to your retirement fund. If you got a raise recently, can you channel that into savings? Why breakfast at your office?

As a year old cleantech entrepreneur, I aim to pick your brain and eat your discarded muffin bottoms.

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So, do you take your coffee with cream or sugar? I would use all of it to pay down my credit card debt, which is the highest-interest loan I have. Training can be hit or miss I know but I already have some personal projects that I am working on and a list of questions to ask during the hands-on part of the training so I think with this preparation I will get more out of it than normally.

I will talk to you on available courses from you or your friends, on how to start own business with my background. It would go into my Brazil trip fund. I would pay off my existing student loan, which in already in the process of doing, before going back to school this fall. I would use it to complete market and product testing for my startup, which is already gaining traction. They are always happy to help me out and play for food or much less than what they should but their generosity only makes it more difficult for me to ask for their kindness. Anything left over would be set aside for the next time a similar project came along in which the budget was not sufficient to pay all those involved what they are worth.

We are both extremely motivated and willing to do what it takes to get this going. Wether we receive this dowery or not it will go and we will work other jobs around this to accomplish our mission. The objective of this project is to provide a way to meet the needs of the community as well as serve one another. Goals Using a web based tool similar to Craigslist or message boards, people in need can post their needs or have needs posted on their behalf by staff in a safe, secure and private way so that others can find ways to meet them.

Our intent is to help others to meet the needs of the body through service, goods, and contribution to specific needs. Solution Working with fellow everyday angels, we build a web tool whereby those in need can post their needs and we help facilitate the meeting of those needs both in body and through the technology of web based tools and e-commerce. A person posts the need to the board. Once accepted, that need is shared with any member of the community board without personal Information attached. If in the form of tangible goods, they can bring it to an EveryDay Angel Outpost school, home, church, community center.

Upon receipt, we will notify the person in need that the need is met and they can come to pick it up. They can then choose to send a message or thank you to the individual who helped meet that need if they wished to do so. For services, a person will choose to meet the need and given contact information so that they can help the person in need. Financial contributions can be given to a general fund to help facilitate large needs and also as micro funds that can build towards needs of specific need requests.

We want it to be as close to a one to one transaction as possible. We believe that new goods except automobiles instead of used goods will alleviate problems with broken things neither passed on to one another nor having to deal with repairs and delivery of items. I would legally change my name to Ramit Sethi, pat myself on the back and walk around town knowing I am in good company, then suddenly regret the decision, and pay to have it changed back.

Unfortunately, the NCAA does not allow a school to cover any of these expenses for prospective athletes. Helping to provide the kickstart to an education for one of these young females would not merely change her life, but, more importantly, likely save it. Without an education, the majority of these young ladies will die by the age of 45 or Why females? The answer is due to simple exponential math. I like your style. Great offer! I just need a bit more money first. So this money would be quite welcome!

We paid mine off this month, hers will be paid in full in less than 12 months, and we will have our house paid off in about 41 months…. I would take a cabinet making course or two to and learn how to build furniture for fun and profit. Hello Ramit — having paid attention to your wisdom — I am already debt free! I spent it already towards a vacation to glacier national park! Half of it would pay down our auto loan. The other half would be put into finishing our basement. I would use around for filling out the paperwork to start my own company, another for setting up a web page for that same company and use the rest for testing of business ideas paying for lunch with interesting people and stuff like that.

The purpose of the company would be to enable me to study for an extended period and also take a few weekends abroad with my girlfriend. I will first of all pay the registration fee for this online working from home job. I will invest half of it in business,part of it help the needy. Later the balance will clear my debts. Pay bar dues and buy a new Adobe design suite to help start my advertising mini-agency on the side. I would put it to my schooling. I would either give it to my dad because of how much he has helped me financially, or I would put it directly to my student loans.

Would not you wonder to whom will you gonna give that money? I would come to San Francisco from Turkey to meet with you! So as a new graduate I could take your personal advices and discover San Francisco! That could possibly be made easier if the have work unions or some kind of organization, so I could hit up the owners directly and convince them to invest in their employees. This could also in the future be videotaped and sold in DVD, once the market starts to get depleted. So visiting the Grand Canyon.. Yeah the Grand Canyon. We just sent the state registration in for the business name and will start contracting with vendors as soon as we receive the registration papers back.

Extra capital would be fantastic and really speed up the process. Frankly, I would use it to help pay off my student loans. I have known quite a few entrepreneurs over the years and the ones who have succeeded are typically the ones who are doing what they love and loving life while they do it. Their debts are manageable and meticulously well planned, with few exceptions.

My belief is that acts of generosity can start a chain of people helping one another out. Ramit, I would out all of it towards my credit card debt. Either that or towards my future engagement ring payment that will be made on a credit card. Either way, its going towards new or old debt! Goal is debt-free! From what other folks have said about its effectivenes, it would be the best investment I could make with it.

And whatever money I had left over from doing that I would use to get any tools I could identify to get more or better use my time. Time is far more valuable than money, so any free money I get will be invested in getting more time! I am always looking for new ways to diversify my portfolio. The extra money erik help in doing this. With the thoughts of having my money work for me, you could say I am already thinking rich! Exploring all options. Will soon get my PhD degree. Planning to be a day-trader after that. I know :. Technically a swing trader but never mind the minutiae.

No paper trading- went live from day one and am net-positive after 5 years. Learnt the tricks of the trade by investing my own money for the last few years. I have been there and have survived the game and made some money. Most of all loved every bit of it. Only recently I found a steady rhythm in the way I trade which made me take the leap. You know it when you see it. I will do a small time job initially to pay part of my bills. The rest has to come from trading. Any money I get will go into my trading account.

Thank you. I would take my 10 year old son to Washington, DC for a 4 day weekend train there and fly back. Maybe go out to a nice dinner and save the rest for my next real estate purchase. Boring I know haha. Then pay for a dental x-ray to make sure my tooth is okay and that I am healthy to start a new job. Then I will be set to start my dream job.

I would spend a portion to purchase books re finance — to learn about business statements etc. Pay off credit card debt. That attitude may be why I have credit card debt in the first place. I would use the money to pay down Back Taxes. The Interest and Penalty are more than what I owe. This is killing me. Following your wisdom, I am finishing paying off my credit card debt. I have been doing a ton of research on the right type non-toxic, combination of different sizes, cheapest method of purchase of memory foam mattresses.

I would build my own platform bed, order the mattresses…and actually wake up feeling rested and ready to go in the morning. I am building the initial technical skills to begin freelancing in client based film work using techniques you outlined on Chase Jarvis Live. I will used the money to hire an experienced DSLR shooter on craigslist for a multi-week learning project to get me up to speed on the skills side of the business. I would use it to: 1 Pay for a couple of extension courses at a community college 2 Pay for membership at a freelancer site to supplement my current income 3 Buy some work clothes 4 Save the rest!

I would use half to pay off existing debt, and the other half for something cool like… a new shed for my back yard.. I recently found her after 52 years of wondering if she was still alive and if she would want to know me even if I found her. One thing I want to do is hire a professional photographer so I will have pictures of the moment we finally get to see each other in person. And by the way, all of this happened after both of my adoptive parents passed away on the same day last August and I found my adoption papers while cleaning out their house.

As part of the new garden program, the 5th grades will sell herbs as part of their regular fundraiser. I would invest the money in a pattent, for a medical testing device, that I believe would do extremely well. In an effort to earn more money for the family and teach my two young sons about money I would buy a pair of dogs that would be good family dogs and whose puppies would be easy to sell.

I would be able to teach my sons about biology and responsibility by having them help take care of the dogs. I would also teach them about money and marketing by having them help sell the puppies and count the money. I would also teach them about saving money and tithing by setting up a bank account for them and having them give some to church or a good charity.

I hate doing vacations on a small budget. Hi Ramit! Ramit, First of all, thank you for putting this opportunity out there. Here is a rough idea of what I would like to do with the winnings. I would use it to take my children to Washington DC. My youngest son wants to see the white house and the capital and he is only 7.

Then use the money to buy in. Sound Good? I stumbled upon a book by one of my favorite role models in the writing and health field, Dr. Roni DeLuz. After following her program from 21 Pounds in 21 Days, I reprogrammed my tastebuds and my belief systems subsequently. My life goals changed so much. I felt like I was turning into Gandhi. I would spend the money on company software for the insurance company that I currently sell for. The money I am saving up to buy a sailboat with with to sail around the world and raise awareness of individual power and provide real help to people who need it wherever they may need it.

I would buy hardwood floors for my house. I would take myself and my boyfriend to Alinea in Chicago, and use the extra funds to get two three day passes to Lollapalooza for myself and my brother. I would invest the money in the new business that I am currently help create and need the extra cash to get it off the ground. Knowing my daughter, she would save half of it.

I tried to teach her well. I would use the money for boosting my business. It has always been my dream to start a film company and I have been doing commercials for businesses for a while now. But I need some capital to form my LLC get business cards and really boost my business. But if I did win that is what I would use it for. And I would try to save some of it and buy stock with Apple or HP or Dell, depending on which one is the best choice.

I would invest in people. The return on investment in people is big on the front end and grows exponentially as they in turn invest in others. So I would donate the money to a local organization that provides food and housing to those at the bottom of the barrel of life. I would spend half on re-doing our apartment to make it more organized and functional.

The other half would go to the laptop fund. I would buy presents for my wife for her birthday and invest in myself more a Udemy course, etc. The rest of the money would go towards my planned trip to Nicaragua to help feed the many starving children. This is the charity website I support. I would buy a couple bicycles for me and my family, and then buy some food, a whole stock pile of it.

I would do the boring thing and put it in my Roth IRA. I had a long job drought so I have not gotten to contribute very much to it lately. I have a job, now though I am using the techniques in Dream Job to improve my standing and prepare for the next one in a year or two. Pay of my student loan and keep some to have a night out with the girl for once instead of studying.. I would buy call options on Apple stock. I would use the money to pay for 3 months supply of a drug I use.

My insurance is in the donut hole, meaning I pay double for the cost of the medication. The balance would go in my checking account. I would re-direct a third of that money towards my Roth IRA, the other third towards savings, and the last third towards printing promo cards to send to advertising agencies to promote my photography work. Use a thousand to fly out to San Francisco or New York for a couple of days and say thank you in person to the brilliant man who wrote the check and changed my life over the last year or so.

Woop Woop! That way I would be a month ahead. Give or take taxes on items! I would invest it with kickstarter. I started a small business about a year ago selling gourmet crackers that also happen to be healthful. I am plugging along getting the business going while my husband generously puts bread on our table and provides me with some cash infusions for the business. I realize that I need to take the business to the next level and outsource some things.

I would put it toward a new synthesizer keyboard that sounds so much better than the 13 year old piano keyboard I currently use. It would add depth and expression to performances because it sounds so incredible. I would definitely use the money to pay off my education loan! And that debt off will spur me to do a career switch into social enterprise work. I would use it to buy more video equipment. I am growing the business and more capital would be helpful. I have had to take some money out of it for some unexpected expenses, and my balance is not as high as it once was. The Blendtec is the sportscar of blenders.

Or like the convertible car lovers dream of. If you ever wondered what cooks dream of, I tell you Ramit, they dream of Blendtec. Invest it in myself by hiring a personal running coach to help me reach my goal of qualifying for the Boston Marathon as part of my larger goal to run a marathon in every state!

I have 6 kids, 3 of us live in a room I am renting.. I know I can get an apartment for a few more bucks per month.. I would use the money to help us get a bigger place.. I currently just got hired for a temporary position so I would use the money to help pay for transportation to and from work, daycare fees, and Bills rent, utilities, student loan , add to my IRA account and restart my emergency savings account.

I would be torn in between putting it on my car or getting everything else ready for my new baby. I would also take my wife out for a romantic dinner at her favorite Spanish restaurant. And the penny for my thoughts! I would take my little brother on a trip to San Francisco to reconnect with his childhood friend and introduce him to the tech community! I spent the money on having my product designed. It helps parents break free of the so they can start living their lives now and, most importantly, spend time with their kids while they are young.

I would invest in myself by enrolling in local college to acquire up to date skills to be of more interest to hiring managers! Long term it provides woohoo with marketing budget and more profitability. Even longer term it gets me closer to the bigger purpose faster of making fitness accessible to everyone and creating awesomeness. I would pay down my PLUS graduate loan. Put it into a new account and redirect my student auto-loan withdrawal there so that I can keep it off of my radar for a few months.

I currently use my work computer or the free computers at the library for all of my personal computer needs. It seemed silly to spend money on something that was a going to be outdated in a few years and b has been available for free. I have a game in development. I want to pour all this money into hiring an artist to create some game art so it can get to market faster. A low priced stock more speculative than I usually buy. Hopefully it will do well. I will pay for 12 weeks of private pilates lessons.

Becoming healthy and fit are more important than anything else to me right now. I would use it to pay off some of my student loans! Put some of the money in my savings 4. Buy some shares of a municipal bond fund. Purchase some dividend paying stocks 6. Go out to dinner with some friends! As a single Mom, of three boys, I would take them on the Disneyland trip I have been promising them since the divorce happened three years ago.

They have been good at listening to me say no to toys, fast food and other non essentials so we can save up. I need someone there who can navigate the intricacies of investing and hiring in that country. I will reinvest the interest again in the same FD.

My dream is to be a Group Travel Organizer. I would also be able to launch my business and start doing some marketing to have my first group travel within 3 months. Having someone to guide me always pushes my work along much faster and makes me more dedicated. So, invest in your course, get my own dream job faster, pay down ALL my student loans faster.

A US$40b gun points at India’s not-so-rich | The Star Online

Much better investment than just paying down one loan. I would use the funds to hire a consultant for web site creation and monetizing a digital product. I would like to start a blog related to being a top performer in law school, how to get a big firm job and career consulting for law school graduates. For the few the succeed, however, the opportunities are endless. I am one of those who succeeded and know exactly what to do to get where I am.

I just have no idea where to start on creating the project, website and platform. Hence the need for a consultant. Sean Ogle is offering a consulting service called the Location Rebel InfoProduct Creation Application, which seems like a great opportunity. My boyfriend just got laid off so I would put as much as needed towards next months rent and the remaining would be used to pay off credit card debt.

Get certified and then maintain the certification in salesforce. With this initial emergency fund established, I would funnel all my additional and unallocated income to paying off debt and funding my next savings goal. I would update my camera, put the money towards the one I have been drooling over for a year an a half. The skills from this will allow me to have a deep understanding of how to plan and execute a succesful social media campaign for my membership that is due to launch.

This should give almost instant traffic and then members to my site which I can then build on with the funds I earn. Work hard and play hard. I would buy the best wheelchair I could get. I am mostly housebound due to a number of ailments and would love to be able to get out and do things again. I have no idea. They go into a savings account, because what I need more than money is time. Basically, invest in myself. I do not want my daughter to go into debt to pay for school!

I would buy a car. Without a car, you need quite a bit of cashflow to get a cab not being posh, if I am called to work at 5. It makes saving for a car more difficult, or at least will take more time. Two big-ticket items I have coming down the pipeline: 1 a Master of Public Health, which right now has no guaranteed funding, so I would most likely put this toward tuition. Maybe it would go toward that instead, especially if a magic funding source like a TAship… woo… appeared for the MPH.

Then put the remainder in my savings. I am taking my son to New York for his 21st birthday in July. I would take a risk on improving myself and with the additional knowledge or skill, be able to parlay that into long term income. The investment in self, might include some type of training or coaching or course. That type of money invested in SELF continues to grow.

Either individually or some type of very small group. Hi Ramit, thanks for your offer. Buy a nice bed. Why not make it the best possible sleep so that I can be more awesome during waking hours. I would boost up my plan for advertising my bagpipe instruction and performance company here in Marietta, GA.

Then I would purchase some supplies and get my equipment updated so I could work on marketing instead of fiddling with my instruments. Finally I would take several people to nice lunches so I can pick their brains! Being free from the shackles of debt is the most important thing to me. I would take the dollars, which is around in euros and take myself and my husband to Lilly Airport in Madrid and get jump with a parachute and make a video, upload it to the Internet and share with all our friends.

Pretty simple, since my system is automated thanks to you!

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The rest for me to enjoy!! I would probably use it to pay off my credit card, stash a little bit in my savings, and take my over worked, under staffed coworkers out for a fun activity like lazer tag or a wine tasting. Hey Remit! First of all, just got your book from the library—awesome. About Dollers would go for learning to make clothes myself, the machine books and cloth, Dollars would be gradually used to have fun, go out with friends, because expierence enriches life more then most material things. I am a struggling, poor first-year student, trying to avoid the seemingly inevitable idea of having to take out a loan.

I am trying to convince my mother that I do not need one! Applying for scholarships left and right, working Mondays and Wednesdays to pay for classes I take on Tuesdays and Thursdays. My method of madness has helped me scrape by the first year. I would first get a passport because my girlfriend has a suitcase in Australia full of cash and we need to go pick it up.

I would make sure all my bills were current and hit savings with the rest until I figure out how to invest it better. The rest goes to training in online marketing, again within 24 hrs. I would use it to get lessons on how to program. Now that I finally have a website yay!

I would use the money to help support my family. It would go to my funds to my mission trip to Indonesia. I would give the money to Heidi and Rolland Baker of Iris Ministries, so that they could put it toward their new plane…as they minister in Africa! Then, a good pair of cute walking shoes 75ish? Then, a few good research books ? Then, a few hours , after I am with a company or two, letting friends and fam know which company I am working with…promoting and such.

Ice Cream and Feedback—good combo. Dude—Thanks for the impetus—I am excited—I am going to do it anyway, even with or without the free bucks. So, in a weird way—Thanks! I am trying to pay off debt so I can become debt-free and get my life back. I am so sick of being consumed by interest payments. Never again will I get in this rat race! I hope I can win this money to help me out that much faster. I make specialised baby food freezing trays, made in New Zealand where I live — not made in China. And more. Thanks for this opportunity! I would also donate Thanks for the money Ramit! Hello Ramit, your advice has served me well!

I would use the money to register for your program so I can learn how to futher increase my net worth. That would make euros. This is just a beginning. I would use it to pay for my certification test to become a Personal trainer as well as look into classes to become a trainer focused in either Kettle Bells or Static Yoga. I would invest in my mother — to help her fulfill a dream of going to culinary school and opening her own Indian Fusion restaurant. She put her dreams and aspirations on hold and invested every bit of her energy in our family.

Along the way, she cultivated hobbies in gardening, jewelry designing, creating delectable Indian fusion cuisine, but most of all, she endlessly encouraged my brother and me to pursue our dream. She protected us from the uber-competitive mindset that Brown people tend to get into. She invested so much in me — I think maybe even too much. But I want to give to her an opportunity she might have been able to pursue had she been born in modern-day USA rather than India a generation ago. I would use the extra money to put towards my wedding! Trying to keep it low key, but its still pricey!

Need to make repairs to the house. Given the amount of money and relative priority of tasks, this would go to replacing the sump pump lines to avoid basement flooding. I would take a summer school class to keep moving forward on my degree. With the rest I would organise a contest and give away 3 prizes. The participants should answer what is the biggest obstacle between them and their wishes This way I would have their emails added to my list, and at least one of their urgent needs to fulfill.

Invest it in myself. A one off some of money can hurt rather than support. I have 1 year left before I graduate with a Bachelors of Science. I have worked hard and fought to finish my degree, even after the first 2 years of shooting myself in the foot! That only brings me to the mark. I still need that last dollars. It would be used to finish my education.

An investment that will last a lifetime! Also, the very last dollar would be used right after graduation to buy myself a candy bar to celebrate! If i got dollars i would help my girlfriend out. She is 19 years old with a kid. The kid has no father and it hurts me everyday to see her struggling so much. I love her to death and it kills me that i dont make enough money to make all her problems go away. She deserves the world and with this money im going to give it to her.

I would put the money into my already-started ING savings account that is marked off for moving away from my university town once I graduate. California is expensive, yo! Since this would be a bonus, I figure I would use it to do something fun. Specifically; a. Get a open water diving license b. And the rest will be spent on families and close friends such as; a. Getting my siblings a good watch I think watches are classic gifts b.

Sponsor my parents for a cruise c. Get a nice casual coat for a buddy. I would give the money to one of my friends who is going through a divorce, and needs it more than I do. It would definitely give me an extra month to breathe instead of living paycheck to paycheck. I would invest part in the new business venture I am going to do when I save enough. Buy 2 dresses for 2 weddings. Use the rest to pay down debt. Maybe a random number generator. But who cares as we are all busy talking about how we would spend the money.

Got married a year earlier than me. Thia would mean a lot. She will undergo operation for cancer-like. She has been very excellent with her studies. Awarded best sponsored students last year. Got married for 2. I just want to give her this without asking what she want to spend with this money. Being there when I need him, in good and bad times. He never ask for anything.

A place where I know they money would be used for the benefit of the kids. Please take less sugar, put the sweetness in your smile instead. Hand delivered if possible. And start finishing what I have started cause I just need courage to do so. Money, I have enough to cover myself, so why do I need more. Not grateful? I know it sounds very silly to say that I would leave it in my savings account to accumulate with some more savings until I find a worthy investment or spendature.

Fixing a vehicle, replacing broken and necessary items, furniture or appliances in ones home and sometimes just maintenance exspenses. I would put that money towards my savings and let it grow some more and use it towards my engagement party that is coming up in the summer. Sounds silly but I already have all my needs covered, I still put money away into my RSVP every month and those are locked away into investments.

I may rent but I rent a beautiful apartment that I take pride in living in. The only logical thing I could do is put it in savings for the time being and let it grow. I would use the money to attend another investment class on stocks and options. Whatever is left would go towards my trades. I use half to pay off a medical bill. Use part to complete emergency fund 2. Fund a business as wife will not have job in our new location we are moving to — so why not work for herself?

With that horrible burden gone I can finally start using my new salary optimally to invest for retirement and personal development and save for a wedding instead of diverting massive amounts of cash to servicing my credit card debt. Miyagi, and best friends with Shakira. Dance is an integral part of introducing fitness in this area, and at present I have two left feet and my current dance heritage consists of dancing in lines and squares. Definitely credit card debt, along with the tax return I just filed.

Immediately thereafter I would throw a backyard barbeque complete with tiki lights! Would help make it possible to start my own business, a therapeutic wellness centre, before I even finish my masters in counselling. I would put it in my Roth IRA. He graduates in May so now I will try to play catch-up with my retirement funds. Im 54 and while a will not starve or go bankrupt, I really have screwed up. Determined that my son will not. I bought him your book. That was step one. I would use this Probably both. Most likely both. Or just human trafficking. Yeah, that sounds about right.

I would spend that money for a trip. So any money which comes as a surprise i would like to spend on myself to enjoy the world and roam around. I would pay off my loan. My credit union personal loan has one of the highest interest rates I have. I have been reading your book and getting organized in all little aspects of life.

Thanks to you Ramith! Use it for the earn 1K tuition. Have been thinking about it and this would ironically tell me to take the class! About to become a father for the first time. I need to buy lots of items for him! I like taking photos and I like meeting people. Check my site to see if you like my style of photography. I am planning to quit my job to travel Central American. This was a dream of mine going through college and graduate school where I was just making ends meet. I got a job, wife and mortgage concurrently so my new income is committed to paying down our mortgage and into my k.

My wife does not support my interest in property investing at the moment so it has been difficult for me to divert a portion of my income into this venture. I have been volunteering my time to help her with shopping and getting around. I have already been applying your principles of efficiency, execution, and automated financial planning. I automate bills with my Amex for extra rewards and freelance web design to speed up debt payoff.

I have also spent years developing a specific skill set surrounding my desire to start my own business. Working on business planning, finances, and digital marketing, while working on finding the right passion to pursue. Send that check my way Ramit, and you will see results through persistent execution; bringing you maximum ROI on your experiment!

Because we never know when we are going to need the extra cushion. No serious debt at the moment. I would use half to save for student loan payments that will be due in a few months. The other half I would use for wedding costs my parents are covering most of the cost, while I cover some.

Put some in my financial freedom, put some on my self-improvement fund, basic needs, etc. Then with that, I can start cooking up a batch of home made bunt cakes my sister and I have been wanting to try to sell. I would put half in Savings Acct. I would have to spend the other half to go see my daughter. I could put it towards my credit card debt, maybe half at least. Caring for my bedridden mother, currently finishing my degree, working two jobs, keen to work in child protection in developing nations — and yet struggling with a chronic illness — I need to set myself up for financial success.

I know I have what it takes, all I have lacked so far is time — which I will soon have. I am ready. I would invest on courses and lectures. With this money and a little of personal investment I could travel to many cities and learn with many people. It would mean the world to me to share with him some of the places that are most important to my family, now that he is a part of it.

That would be a fabulous investment in my future. I would finish paying off my credit cards. Blogging is one of this projects. With about11, net income with two exemptions claimed and after bills are paid about Or I would put it away and let it earn interest. That would be a wise thing to do too. Just my thoughts. Never had one.

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Doing decently ok! I would use the money to buy my first college textbooks that I need for my first year in college! What a difference a few weeks makes! I would go to Vermont and compete in the Kingdom Swim again. Last year was my first time competing in a marathon swim 6 mile I came in second overall and I beat all the men who competed.

I would like to create ebooks, tutorials and offer a per download or monthly service fee for small business owners. I would like to set up the store on my site for this. The cost for this will be minimal, just set up fees through an ecart. I have also created training systems for bookkeepers to help them set up and maintain and become profitable. I would like to purchase an additional site and pay for some minimal graphic design to get this up and going.


In additional to site design and site purchase I will need to pay for an ecart. This will allow for monthly income with very little effort. My first reaction would be to use it for credit card debt which I must get rid of. I would offer part of it to my neighbor to purchase the first right of refusal on his house — I want my parents to move closer to my family in the next 5 years to help with the kids. The rest I would invest in my IRA.

Look, man: I have to escape the Alcatraz of being a lawyer grabbing you by the lapels, crazed look of desperation in my eyes. See you on the outside. The lab wants me there but lacks funding for an extra summer grad student. This research opportunity would allow me to learn things not available at my campus, to network with big thinkers in my field, and to learn new skills that will set me miles above my peers.

My wife and I already have our accounts in good order, thanks to your book. We have a nice little niche where we can develop our expertise. We need to update the interior and purchase some materials that can be used directly with the students. I will stock up on strings, manuscript paper, sheet music, etc and my wife can purchase books and evaluation tools. These three things that I have thought about and started from reading your emails and watching a couple webinars. I am saving money, took tips from your webinars to get my new job which so far I really love and actually sticking with an exercise routine that I finally got myself to take and that I am now addicted to going to.

A few less months to go. Money saved is money earned! Sudden money is like an unexpected tip, or if someone gives you a winning scratch ticket, or an unexpected bonus, etc. I would get the most important items on that list. I would split the rest between savings and making additional payments toward my student loan. Would use the money to defray start-up expenses for a new business I am working on, which is projected to open in Sept Currently In the business plan stage and would use the thousand dollars to out-source some of the research required for the business plan which will also once the business model is proven, to be developed into a franchise system.

Plan is to support myself, family and several employees via the business up front, and create a franchise package that could potentially employee hundreds, if not thousands. The left over dollar I would use to purchase a soda, can always use a dash of caffeine. I would invest the money in the best DJ equipment I could find in that price range. Dear Ramit, thank you for the money. I recently lost 43 pounds by exercising and weight watchers.

None of my clothes fit anymore so I have given them all away. I will use my winnings to purchase all new clothes. Yay, this is exciting. Thanks again Kathleen. This will increase my viewership and subscribers, thus increasing my monthly income. I would use the money to ride the train into Chicago this summer, enroll in the 2 day Pixar Masterclass, and wander around with my sketchbook and camera. What would I do? I recently paid off my credit card debt, so I would buy a new bass guitar, and deduct it against my earnings as an NYC musician by night!

Any remaining cash would go into a new ING savings account as a baby emergency fund. Show me that money! Interesting contest, Ramit! I run a small non-profit organization to help disadvantaged youth and one of the hurdles were up against right now is getting a container shipped to Africa. I would use the money to put towards a payment for shipping of the container. The cost is a little over 5, Me and my brother have never been there before and my parents havent seen their family since and my dream is to reunite them.

HI Ramit! By the time I got to college I had only a little idea on how to manage my money, and I definitely had a lot of help from my Dad but never took to managing my budget. I am now a Junior in college, I am double majoring, meaning I will probably be in school at least 3 more years and money is always tight. I am now rereading your book and trying to get better at handling money so I can stop worrying about it but the extra money would really help me out, I would use it as a jump start on managing correctly; sort of like starting fresh.

Thanks, Ramit!! Been meaning to open one for over a year now — this would set me on the right track. I would use it to help pay for adopting an orphan with medical needs. We will probably sell one of our two vehicles to help finish getting him home. I would put it towards a round-trip flight to London to visit my boyfriend! We are in a long distance relationship, NYC-London.

After I win that, buy a house on a beach somewhere and enjoy the rest of my life not having to work. I would put the money towards my student loan. In a few months I will have it paid off and this will allow me to move out of my parents and rent an apartment. I would spend the money on my company that sells a new Harley cell phone console that I designed. We just purchased a lot of brochures, a canopy, banners, etc so we can go to motorcycle shows and set up a booth.

Will probably use it it send out more qualifying lead material, which on dollars would lead to about dollars. I had a job interview a few weeks ago. Take that! Now that I read it, that seems kind of pathetic. I would keep it separate from my other funds and only spend it on really notable items, such as a drink in the oldest pub in Ireland or on a boat to an island off the west coast.

This is going to sound boring, but I would use it to pay for repairs needed to the patio in the back yard. If anything was left over, I would use it to fill in the hole left in the back yard when a tornado went through and ripped up an old tree. I have some projects to work on outside this summer…. Either that or pay off my credit card. He lost his job a week before their toddler daughter was diagnosed with leukemia.

Hello there Ramit.